My moment to shine!

So, let’s catch up!

It’s been an age and I am so glad for this long-awaited reunion.  I’m finally finally FINALLY free from the academic holdings of college and now is my moment to shine.

And sure, the finale of semester six did not go exactly as planned; two late submissions and a sub-par thesis with zero input from my supervisor, but the most important thing is that I got everything done and I am now several steps closer to graduating.

Better still, I produced some content that I’m actually pretty proud of; I made a twenty-minute radio documentary that turned out better than I could have predicted, I wrote scripts for three short films that I would actually watch and I made an interactive video, showcasing three drag makeup looks.  An unexpected culmination of my skills, but there you go.

Tom's faces

And now, I have the chance to do everything that I’ve had to put on hold throughout the academic year.  I can finally get to work on Blue and pay more attention to my blog.  The hope is that over the summer months I can produce five blog posts per week, with the possible exception of the week of July 10th because, all things going according to plan, I should be in Amsterdam on my first parent-free holiday abroad.  I guess this means I really am an adult.

But more on that later.

NanoIn the meantime it’s all about Operation Blog and Camp NaNoWriMo, which I intend to partake in throughout the month of July, hopefully managing to blitz through 50,000 words of my first draft of Blue.  Which means that now is the time for prep-work.  All of my outlining and character profiles and research must be done by the last week in June because that’s when I intend to make my start on the actually writing part of writing a book.  (I’m very conscious of the fact that I have the holiday in July, so the more I get done in advance, the better.)  I may even –if I’m prepped enough– do daily vlogs recording my progress, Kristina Horner-style.  So that’s something new and scary to contend with!

downloadAnd to kick-start all of these amazing summer projects, this Saturday I have BloggerConf to look forward to!  I could not be more thrilled – I’ll have a place to go and surround myself with like-minded people who are just overflowing with motivational talks and tips and tricks and vast quantities of experience for me to benefit from.  I am one lucky blogger.

So, finally, let the summer commence!



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