Easter work progress(?)


So I am pleased to report that yesterday was a tremendously productive day.  I even made up for my lack of productivity the previous day!

(I had grand plans involving my thesis and design documents and shot lists and mind-maps but by the time I got over to Cat’s for our designated work-date time it became clear that sleep was more important to both of us.  Well, mostly her.  Marian Keyes was more important to me.  So.)

Yesterday I doubled my workload and my word-count and I just generally kicked ass.  Today still has a bit of a question mark hovering over it.

True, I did do some of the stuff that made up my ‘to do’ list, but that mostly involved sending emails and texts and beta-reading some material for a fellow writer.  Not the most taxing stuff (although I am glad to cross it all off the list!).

It’s almost 7 p.m. now and I can expect Cat over at around 9 p.m.  So.  In the meantime I’d be happy enough if I can manage to (a) clean my room up a bit, (b) spend twenty minutes brainstorming my Interactive Development video and (c) churn out 350 words of my thesis.  That’s perfectly sufficient for today, I think, since I planned a dinner, scheduled recording days for my radio documentary and booked a filming day for Int. Dev.

Just gotta pencil that into my handy-dandy ever-reliable Filofax and then schedule my break a little more precisely.  I’m doing well so far, but I can’t stand to slip now.  There’s such limited time left; twenty-six(ish) days until my academic year is over.  I have a lot to cram in to a short space of time.

And cram I shall.

Then it’s onto fourth year.  But that’s a different day’s problem.



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