Today’s ‘to do’s



Day one of Easter holidays and developments have certainly occurred with my workload, but admittedly these developments are not particularly positive.  Allow me to summarise.

  • Thesis words written: zero.
  • Chapters of Marian Keyes book read: two.
  • Loads of washing done and hung out to dry: three.
  • Episodes of Jane the Virgin binge-watched: too many to count.  But a lot.

Progress has been made with my radio documentary though.  I’m scrapping it.

So this progress, too, is more like taking a few steps back.  I’m abandoning my current doc and am going to have to propose a new one, as well as recording entirely new material.  This, of course, sucks.  But.  At least my new proposal might make for an easier production with less potential for legal ramifications.

Of course, I will lament the twelve hours already spent on my documentary.  They were a tough twelve hours.  Early mornings and stake-outs and bad food and hot chocolate spills and few results.  But if the story is still there then maybe I’ll get back to it in my own time over the summer.  I do want to produce another doc, after all, so that I can have extra material for my portfolio this time next year.

But, back to now.

My plans for today were to write 500 words on my thesis, plan my interactive video assignment and plan the narrative of my radio doc.  Oh, and write a blog post.  So at least there’s that, but on every other count I’ve, thus far, failed monumentally.

So, let the work commence.

I have lots to do and only a short amount of time to do it in, but that’s how I work best: with a timer and a deadline.  Two plans and 500 words by midnight, even if they’re rubbish words.  I heard recently that you don’t have to write perfectly so long as you can edit brilliantly, and that’s precisely the approach that I intend to take with my thesis.  As well as with my writing, but that’s another story for a different day.


As always, I just have to make a start.  And this blog is the start; the first thing that I can cross off of today’s ‘to do’ list.

And y’know what?  Amidst all of my procrastinating today, I did something I didn’t plan on.  I did three loads of washing.  So at least I’ll have clean socks as I tackle tomorrow’s ‘to do’ list:

  • Get to 1,000 words on chapter two of my thesis
  • Schedule filming dates for interactive video with actors/subjects
  • Schedule interviews for radio doc
  • Beta-read for Dean and email him feedback

Productivity, prepare to be mine!



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