Working from home


My mind is numb from media-consumption.

…But I guess that’s just what happens when illness excuses me from college.  TV shows.  Many, many TV shows.  Curse you Netflix, with your ease of access and addictive qualities.

In all honesty, I could be in college today, but I opted to give myself the day off for simplicity’s sake.  I had too many things to navigate so I thought eliminating college would make things considerably easier.  Besides, today’s class was just going to be spent doing my own stuff anyway.

That’s what Fridays have been like lately and it’s been great.  I love getting to work independently so I figured I may as well just be independent from home.  Or more specifically, Cat’s home, where I’m currently camping out, minding the pup and attempting to be a reasonably productive human.  So far, not so much luck on that front.

I’ve allowed myself to get sucked in by Jane the Virgin.  I am weak.

It’s not so bad though.  From Monday I’ll officially be on a two-week holiday from college, so I have plenty of time for my independent studies and for my totally achievable ‘To Do’ list, just waiting to be tackled.

I’m hoping to really kick some academic butt over the break seeing as I only have a month left before summer commences once again.  The more I get done over Easter, the better.  And then, soon, the real fun can begin!

I’ll be free to devote myself to my writing, completely and utterly, for four whole months.  Blogging, outlining, scribbling, editing.  Big plans for summer 2017, including:

It’s going to be a busy time, but the more I get done over the summer the more I’ll have for my portfolio when I finally graduate from college.

Can you believe it?  This time next year I’ll be getting ready for the real world and the baby steps of my career.  I already can’t believe I’ve made it this far.  And at this point, my only option is to keep going.



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