Panic stations!


I’m going to try something new.

After all, that’s what this is all about anyway, right?  Self-improvement via writing and experimentation.

Well, today, panic set in and it came at me pretty fiercely.  It succeeded in halting all my progress on just about anything that didn’t involve wearing a onesie, drinking tea, cancelling plans, crying on the phone to my girlfriend and watching YouTube videos.  Lots and lots of YouTube videos.

Oh, and online shopping.  Lots and lots of online shopping.

Clearly, I got nothing of use done.  But I’m pleased to report that panic has backed off now that it’s had its way with me, and also that I don’t expect it to return anytime soon.  Panic hasn’t been around much lately.  Panic is respecting my boundaries.  Mostly.

But nevertheless, I am still sitting here, having accomplished nothing all day, not producing so much as a single Tweet.  So I’m gonna try something (yeah, back to that!) with what limited time I have left in the day.

I know of a book called 7 Minutes a Day to Your Bestseller by Rob Bignell.  I know it by name at least.  I’ve never read it but I know I should and I hope I will.  For now though, I am intrigued simply by the title.  I have no idea of the book’s teachings or philosophy, so I’m taking it quite literally at this point; a very surface level reading.

I’m going to take seven minutes to make a dent in each of the items still undealt with on my very extensive ‘to do’ list.

Nothing will be done to completion tonight, due to Panic’s unexpected visit, but at least I can spend seven minutes working on my book; seven minutes prepping news stories for tomorrow; seven minutes outlining an animation script; seven minutes doing paperwork.

My workload won’t diminish much, but I’ll have made a start and, more importantly, I’ll feel proud of myself for my efforts.

I don’t mind if I can’t get everything done; I’m only human, after all.  But it’s important that I do as much as I can.  That’s enough for me.

So, seven minutes on the clock.





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