My time needs a new manager


Well, obviously I didn’t manage to blog about a revolutionary sparkly new timetable that instantly solved all of my lifelong time-management issues.  I didn’t even get to make said timetable.

What I did manage to do, though, was write out a list of my priorities to be factored into that timetable when I actually get around to fashioning it into existence (the process has begun, by the way.  A Photoshop document has been made).  This not-tremendously extensive list includes:

  • College classes (duh)
  • College work (*groan*)
  • Thesis (meh)
  • Gym/exercise
  • Writing Blue
  • Le blog: Confessions of a College Dropout
  • Dungeons and Drag Queens blog
  • Food shopping
  • Food prep
  • Cycling/commuting time and
  • Time with Catherine (obvs)

In an ideal world, I would be able to fit all of the above into my week, and I’m hoping I do in fact live in that ideal world.  If I plan in advance I have high hopes that I can get all of this done, even if just for short bursts of time, every week.

But you know what else I did this week, while I wasn’t blogging?

I also wrote a treatment for a radio documentary which has been approved by my lecturer and I’ve made a start on pre-production.  I spent two days on film sets, both in crew and acting capacities.  I submitted an assignment on time and I kept up to date with another assignment.  I’ve generated a few ideas for my next short film script.  I attended a party and met new people.  I arrived into college early two mornings and got extra work done.  I set up an appointment with my thesis supervisor lady so that I now have a definite deadline for my first chapter.  I went to all my classes.  I made some tiny traffic lights, for crying out loud!

It’s important to remember that, even though I’m not always doing what I want to be doing, I’m still accomplishing a lot.

So, I am still going to try to re-juggle some things, as promised, but I’m not going to punish myself for missing some blogs.  Instead, I choose to congratulate myself on engaging in any creative or productive practices.  I’m letting myself off the hook and acknowledging that I’ve been doing well but that I can still do better.


I watched another time-management talk.  Hoping something will get through to me!  I highly recommend this one.


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