So.  It’s been almost two weeks since my last blog-post.

Two weeks since I gave myself an out and told myself that it’s okay to not blog every day, that it’s more important to focus on college.  And that’s true, to be fair.

College is what will ultimately be of most benefit to me in the long-run.  It’s what will allow me to support myself and have the life that I’ve been planning on, my life with Catherine.  (Or at least, that’s the propaganda that has reached me up ’til this point, so I’m willing myself to believe in the power of college.)

But during these two weeks of silence, I’ve come to realise something:

I was absolutely right before.  Before, when I hypothesised that the way in which I would have the most academic success was to prioritise the things that I love and fit college in around those things, a mere secondary consideration.

It was going splendidly.  I was writing, blogging, working on a social media presence, playing D&D, attending the gym, as well as keeping up with college deadlines, doing work on my thesis and even taking part in some extra-curricular college activities.

But then I declared that college should be #1.

I shoved blogging to the bottom of my priority list and there it stayed, and along with it, all my other progress has remained static.  No writing.  No gym.  No college work.

I haven’t submitted anything late yet, but I’m back to my old ways of doing it the night before the deadline.  And I was much happier before, so I have to endeavour to get back there now.  It’s time to reshuffle the ‘To Do’ list.

Today, I choose blogging and writing.  Those are my priorities.  Then I’ll get to Wednesday’s assignment deadline.

I’ve been meaning to make some sort of timetable or schedule for myself so that I can block out my hours and divide them up between the activities which matter most to me during the week.  If all goes according to plan, this timetable is what I’ll be blogging about tomorrow.  It’s a step worth trying, but blogging again is definitely the best way to start.  So here I am, ready to try again.

It’s time for my creative projects to take their rightful position and be crowned Priority #1.  After all, it’s because of them that all the other stuff gets done.


For anyone interested, this TEDx Talk deals with some techniques for good study practices and the final point mentioned is basically what this blog refers to: prioritising your interests above your academics.  So at least this backs me up; I’m not just some wishful thinker, attempting to justify blogging instead of studying.  These smart people on a stage agree with me!


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