The good kind of exhausted


I am absolutely exhausted.  But in sort of a good way.  The kind of exhausted that feels like someone is saying to you ‘Good job.  Have a break now.  Write a blog.  You deserve it’.

And write that blog, I shall!

In lieu of resting, perhaps, but that’s fine.  My brain is due to clock out in about an hour anyway when I settle in for tea and toast and a few Graham Norton* episodes with Jean**.  Until then, I can keep going.  After all, I’ve been going for awhile now and it feels surprisingly good.

I’m hard at work on my thesis which I NEVER thought would happen until about 2.5 weeks before the end of the semester; I’ve thus far handed in every assignment either on time or early and I’m helping some of my classmates with their assignments as well.  Who even am I?!

It’s like I’m a different person (or so I’m told by one of my best friends, Michelle) and I can’t help but hypothesise that the personality-transplant has come as a result of The Art of the Rant.  Not to harp on about it or anything, but my productivity levels are amazing even myself!

The blogging and documenting of my daily actions seems to be holding me accountable and improving my behaviours.  Maybe all along all I needed was someone to report back to?  Someone to relay my progress to?  (The freedom and independence of college never did suit me much.)

So thank you, Internet, for being my progress-monitor.  I appreciate your input.

With that in mind, I’m considering making even MORE changes, hopefully for the better.

Now that blogging and rant-writing have made such drastic contributions to my productivity, I’m thinking Hey, why don’t I utilise the internet to help me get healthier?  If all I need is someone to consult and relay my successes and failures to, then how about it?!

Once a week I’ll upload a food and exercise diary to see if it keeps me on my best behaviour, as it has so far with the rest of my activities, and I’ll start one week from today.  If I can use the Power of the Blog to help me improve my life in one way, why can’t I use it to make me fit and healthy and add extra years to my life?

Well… maybe I can, maybe I can’t.  But just watch me try!

I may yet turn this internet surveillance into my everyday superpower.


*An English chat-show, with Irishman Graham Norton as the host.  Technically the show is called The Graham Norton Show, but Jean and I are on such close terms with the host that we sometimes just refer to the show as Graham.

[We’re not actually on good terms with the host; we are simply deluded, that’s all.]

**My partner’s mother.  We hang out on Fridays with our good friend Graham.

[Again.  Deluded.]


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