So today I decided to write about the one thing that hasn’t been getting much attention from me lately.  My forthcoming-someday-hopefully novel, Blue.

I’ve mentioned it many a-time because it always makes cameo appearances on my daily ‘to do’ lists but it never quite seems to make the cut and I prioritise college work, blogging, other blogging, classes at the gym and my partner.  All of which is fair, I think.

My partner keeps me sane and happy (insanely happy, incidentally); the gym keeps me healthy (or at least, improves my health… there’s only so much the gym can really do); the blogging keeps me writing and improving my skills and confidence every day(ish) and college work, sadly, must trump them all.  Except for my partner.  She always comes first.

Blue might someday take priority over blogging, but only when I get passed the outlining phase and onto the actual writing; I have to write something every day to keep me my writer’s muscle toned, to keep me in the game.

So Blue waits, patiently, on the sidelines, like a child whose parents both thought the other one was going to pick her up.  I’ll get there eventually, Blue, I promise.  Mama’s coming.

So what is Blue?

What a great question!  Thanks for asking.

Blue is a lovely little story, if I do say so myself, which deals heavily with the themes of depression and mental health awareness.

depression-anchorIt follows a thus-far-unnamed protagonist (male, 19) who decides to take a trip during which he will complete the only thing on his bucket list and also attempt to free himself of his depression.  He expects to do this by following all of the tips which are laid out in an information leaflet on depression, which, by the way, everyone else rather condescendingly refers to as ‘the blues’.

Along the way he meets a peppy journalist who has the best of intentions but, honestly, just makes everything more difficult for Mr Protagonist, and together they attempt to overcome the demon that is his depression.

I realise that’s not a lot to go on, and I apologise, but this is largely because -as previously mentioned- outlining is yet to be completed, but also, y’know, spoilers!

It’s a project which came into being after a discussion with a very good friend of mine about the depression that he was experiencing at the time, and also my own personal experiences with depression and anxiety (I’m pleased to report that we’re both doing very well now).

But beyond my own mental health battles, I’ve had to live through the wreckage of other people’s depression as well.  I’ve known too many people who have taken their own lives and I have too many friends who have tried, and every time it’s heartbreaking.

One of my major goals in life is to become active in the ongoing conversation about mental health, and Blue is my way of doing it.  So Blue will happen.  Even if it means waiting until I’ve finally escaped from college or for several years until I eventually manage to participate in NaNoWriMo.  Blue will happen.

Mama’s coming, Blue.



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