In terms of productivity, the last two days have been… reasonable.

I’ve been mildly to moderately productive over the last 36 hours or so, but sadly not in the areas that I would like to be productive in.

I’m missing blogs all over the place, which is very upsetting.  I loved that it was a daily phenomenon but now it looks as though I must resign myself to the fact that I can’t reasonably call myself a daily blogger anymore.  It was a nice run, but it looks like now I’ve downgraded to just whenever-I-get-the-chance times per week, which will likely amount to somewhere between three and five posts per seven days.  Defeat, I surrender to thee.

‘Blue’ quarterly goals

And the thing that breaks my heart the most is Blue; poor, dejected Blue, the novel that was calling out to be written back in the summer.  I have it all over my quarterly goals list but still it’s crying out, What about me?  Write me!  Why haven’t you written me yet?

At this rate I am very behind on my progress trajectory as I had it mapped out.  There may still be some hope that I can catch up by the end of the quarter, but to be honest, I predict that March is going to bring about another fail.  Unless I somehow manage to construct a few extra hours per week out of thin air, I guess I’ll have to live with that fail.

The good news (thank gawd, there’s good news) is that college is going swimmingly… which is entirely unheard of… practically a work of fiction!

boooooksThere’s no assignment that I’m behind on yet and there are several that I’ve already finished ahead of time!  I’m still afloat with the thesis, although there is much work to be done.  And I can now verify the existence of the ITT college library because I went there today and borrowed six smart-people books and I am all set to start Understanding Disney this evening.  I’m hopeful (stupidly, naïvely so) that I’ll have 4,500 thesis words finished by the end of March, well ahead of schedule.  Optimism, I call to thee.

So, yeah, I regret that I’ve had to deprioritise my writing and blogging, but this is the first time in my academic career that I’ve been handling assignments gracefully and in a timely manner.

Although I stand firm in the belief that academics should be of lesser priority than your passions, I also stand firm in the belief that mental health trumps all else, and my mental health has never been quite so healthy as it is now.  At least, not since I first starting dipping in and out of college seven years ago.  Turns out, taking control of my education is what keeps me sane in the battle to get this degree.  So for now, that’s the battle I choose to fight.

Writing and blogging will be there for me, loyal as they are, whenever I’m ready to commit to them fully, and in the meantime I will be there for them whenever I possibly can be.



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