50 shades of guilt


Feeling a bit creatively blocked today, and I have high suspicions that it’s my own fault.  I missed yesterday’s blog and now I’m experiencing all kinds of guilt over it.

zhzvrhwgI had intended on blogging and thesising yesterday morning before the Tegan and Sara concert (yeah, I went to that!  Even though I’m 150 years old and hate loud things and large crowds and not being able to sit down and sticky floors and I look like a straight girl.  Nevertheless.  It was awesome) but I got tied up in script revisions and also makeup-doing.

I was hoping to make myself look something like that poster for the Tegan and Sara tour (or maybe it’s just their Twitter icon, I don’t know), but alas, instead I just looked like I’d been beaten with eyeshadow and glitter and I had no blog to show for it.  Or even a series of selfies, now you come to mention it.  I prioritised all wrong yesterday.

[Managed to grab one selfie at the bus-stop.  All my hard make-up work culminated in this.]
I had to get a 3:30 bus for a 7:30 concert to maximise the socialising opportunities (which went unusually well, by the way.  I met some really cool people and had a lot of fun with them as well as with my own really cool people).  But still, no blog.  So I, rather optimistically, thought I’d do it when I got home from the gig at midnight.

Shockingly, that also did not happen.

ideasSo then this morning I thought, “Well that’s okay, I’ll just do two blog posts today”, and hopefully I will, but I’ve been sitting here staring at my little ideas notebook and hating everything in it.  I’ve jotted down four ideas for new blogs and I’ve thought “Yeah, that will make a good blog post, but maybe for next week.  Today, it won’t work.”

So now, I’m back to my roots; rant-writing, in the hope that it will set my creativity free and then later on Blog Post #2 will come out a little less shyly and hesitantly than this one.

Come on, Rant-writing!  I’m counting on you.



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