The Art of the Rant



Today, I rant about The Art of the Rant.

But first, I should go back a bit.

Rant-writing* is something I’ve been doing since long before these blogs.  Well.  Not all that long, but pre-2017 anyway.  I did it to de-stress myself; for mindfulness, as well as to improve my word-conjuring abilities.  And every so often I’ll find an old rant and I’ll read back over it and I’ll discover little nuggets of self-knowledge that I had once managed to unearth, jot down very quickly then promptly forget.

And one such little note of self-discovered psycho-babble was the observation that my problem with my college workload was not in the doing of the work, but in the starting of the work.  Once I had started I was generally able to keep plugging away at it and getting stuff done in a timely fashion (although always a little too close to the deadline for comfort).

So it occurred to me, in this long lost rant of mine, that I should make it my goal to always start my assignments as soon as they’re set, even if that just means drawing a mind-map or reading an article or writing fifty words or titling a Word document.  And then, the theory is that, because I’ve already made a start, it would be easier to come back and tackle, bit by bit.

So that’s exactly what I’ve been doing, and I’ve had a massively productive day (and it’s a Saturday, for crying out loud!).  I got 2.5 assignments done, neither of which are due yet, and I’m feeling generally calm about college for the first time since the start of second year.  And all because of that rant-writing I did that one time, thinking nothing would ever come of it.

You’d be amazed at what you can learn about yourself from recording just a snippet of your stream of consciousness and the difference it can make in your everyday life.

Try it.  Get to know yourself.

You never know what changes it might bring about, but I’m certain that those changes will be for the better.


*This is something which was brought to my attention by my dad, a fellow writer, about a year ago.  I was resistant at first.  Ranting has never been my style because I’m too perfectionisty, but it turns out, perfectionism is problematic in the realms of creativity!  Read Elizabeth Gilbert‘s Big Magic if you don’t believe me.

So rant-writing is when you get a pen and paper and set a timer for yourself (I set it for five minutes but I sometimes keep writing until I hit ten minutes) and then you just go for it.  You write your thoughts, exactly as they are.  No sugar-coating or pausing for contemplation.  You write whatever occurs to you, even if each thought is disconnected from the last.  You just pour yourself onto the paper.  It’s a good exercise which a lot of writers recommend for the start of the day before you begin your real writing endeavours.  You know, kinda like stretching before working out at the gym.

Or in my case, it’s a good basis for an entire blog!


5 thoughts on “The Art of the Rant

  1. The procrastination gene, I must confess, comes entirely from me…not your mom! So I am happy if I helped you to learn defense against that dark art, so to speak. In reason today’s blog, it reminds me of having a dream that doesn’t make sense, then bam…in an instant it has complete relevance! My newest trick, albeit day 1, is to set gals O as t to do in a 1 month moon cycle. This may work better for people with set structure in their lives, say full time jobs, with personal life goals. I am not sure that lying the teacher the essay won’t be ready until the new moon, but it is a fun way to timeline goals with no apparent deadline@


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