The creative bug


I feel all scrunched up with tension.

I’ve been sitting here, scripting, for I dunno how many hours now.  I guess as far as tension goes, this is probably the best kind to experience: the overwhelmed-with-ideas, trying-to-juggle-them-all, can’t-wait-to-get-them-down-on-paper kind of tension.  It’s been awhile since I’ve felt this lovely weight of the many ideas on my shoulders, and certainly not for a project of this nature.  A script for a short film about a serial killer*.

This is the last sort thing I would ever willingly, let alone enthusiastically, write about.  I like cartoons.  And love stories.  And animals.  And magic.  And sweet visuals.  But my lecturer** seems to love the dark stories with a lot of shock-value, and I want to get an A on this one***.

So I had to delve into my dark-side and I lost an entire night’s sleep over it, but ideas are bubbling up all over my brain surface.  My thoughts aren’t even like my own right now.  New ways to make the script sick and twisted keeping latching onto my standard everyday thoughts and scaring the crap out of me.  Essentially, this short film will be an amalgamation of all my worst nightmares.  My lecturer is going to love it, even if it kills me!

Admittedly, I’m at my wit’s end by now.  Many hours of work and only two scenes written; it’s time to call it a day.

But it is nice to feel bitten by the creative bug.  It’s been awhile.  I thought the bug may have gone off me!

I hate to be the cliché that I always harp on about but I’ve got to admit, this daily rant-writing/blogging is doing wonders for my creativity and my productivity.

So.  It is with great regret that I confess to all my fellow writers who may be feeling artistically blocked: the myth is true.

Writers should write every single day.  That’s how the creative bug knows that we mean business.  And then the creative bug bites you and then you erupt in a violent spell of brilliant ideas and then you feel very stressed about what to do with all of them and you love it.

I’m sorry.  I didn’t make the rules.  But at least now I’m playing by them.


*Our assignment brief states that we can write about anything at all, and for this script I was inspired by a crime-drama film that Cat and I watched recently.  I say ‘inspired’, but that is inaccurate.  I was outraged.

We spent two whole hours on this film, which looked amazing, featured a great cast and had a story-line that would normally thrill me to watch and decode.  I had been waiting for it for months.  However.  I was bitterly disappointed.  Much of the plot of The Film That Shall Not Be Named was irrelevant and/or redundant, and upon its credit roll, I immediately declared that it should have been a short film.  So I’m writing a similar story and restructuring it from the ground up.  (This just shows how much I really wanted to like that movie! I’m rewriting the damn thing!)

**The same lecturer who is doubling as my thesis supervisor.  Figures.  I am determined to have her thinking that I am at least some level of competent by the end of the semester!

***Not that I’m bitter or anything (*ahem*) but I wrote a script for her in my third semester as well, a script that was much more to my liking, about a young boy who wanted to mend his parents’ breaking marriage.  I worked really hard on it and she said it was very sweet (I knew that ‘sweet’ wasn’t really what she was looking for.  She wanted death, destruction, mental illness, terrorism and politics).  She said it was well-written, clear with good visuals, but the ending was too sentimental.

I got a B+ and one of the highest grades in the class but, determined to bring my grade up to an A the next time around, I read the one script in the class that achieved an A grade.  It had blood and shootings and a good framing device.  Nevertheless, I felt my script was superior (*she said so humbly*).  So this time, I’m pandering to the personal taste of my lecturer.  Let’s see how this one goes.



4 thoughts on “The creative bug

  1. There is a movie going around here now about a guy who kidnaps aother/daughter….He has multiple personalities…..that looks intriguing! Colleen has the most fun on her art.projects when she has 4 going at a time. That’s when I know it’s time to wave the shit glad and watch a basketball game!

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    1. Is that ‘Split’ you’re talking about? The one with James McAvoy? I haven’t seen it but it looks really good. Intense. And yeah, I’m finding now that the more productive I am, the more ideas I have.


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