Next step in the evolution


So, I’ve been thinking.

This blog has been going for a few months now, since June, and already it’s evolved once.  But I’m wondering if maybe it’s time to evolve again; from Squirtle to Wartortle, and maybe now it’s time to jump to Blastoise* status?

When I switched it up to this rant-writing business the main reason was to get myself blogging and writing every day, which, currently, I am doing.  Go me.

But it was also to improve my writing.  Two of the most consistently-expressed and totally correct pieces of advice doled out from one writer to the next is to write every day and read anything you can get your hands on.  But I also think you should write about anything you can get your hands on.

I love my rants and cataloguing my everyday life, the good days and the bad, what lifts me up and what brings me down, but I also know that my daily goings-on are of no real use to anyone but me.

That may not be true in the future if I have some serious mental health activity to report and monitor, but for now I doubt anyone cares that I had lunch with Tom** today or that I’m thinking a lot about getting older.  It’s not terribly relevant.

So I may try and branch out a bit and produce some informative content rather than content which is strictly for the benefit of my psychology and my skill set.  So I’m foreseeing a lot more commentary on mental health matters in society, maybe a little advice, lots of writing updates and research and probably some makeup and cosplay thrown in for good measure.

The rant-writing will still be happening but every so often I’m gonna try sprucing things up a notch.

Wish me luck!


*These are some much-loved Pokémon.  Seriously, where have you been if you didn’t know this?!

**Along with Ana, another of my best friends from college.  Without him, I’m not quite certain I would have made it this far in ITT.  Don’t tell him though.  He’d never let me forget it.


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