Ramblings from within a onesie


So today’s been an interesting one.  I went from a thoroughly unsuccessful shopping trip with Benjamin* to getting stood up at college on my day off.

Ben and I both had business at the Square** so we decided to unite and run our errands together; him, doing stationary pick-ups (half-successful.  He got pencils, no pens), me, attempting to pick up Valentine’s Day materials for a present for Cat (nothing doing.  Might have to go store-bought after all).  We have determined that we are an incompatible shopping pair.  Will both shop alone next time to break the spell.

Next, the meeting with my thesis supervisor.  The all-important initial meeting where we would jointly come up with a plan of action and research methods, or she would simply tear me to shreds.

I’m sure it would have been a very important and informative meeting, if she had only shown up.

So for a half hour I sat there with dread and confusion before leaving a message for her and returning through the wind and cold and more wind.  Lots of wind.  Can’t emphasise that enough (my bike and I are going on strike until Mother Nature calms the heck down).  But Beatrice*** and I made it home, safe and sound, and I am now in a onesie.  So you know things are looking up.

Better yet, I’ve started work on mine and Cat’s new baby blog endeavour.

D&D character designs by Catherine O’Brien

I’m about 600 words into the first entry in our catalogue of D&D adventures, as told from the point of view of Summer De Light.  So far, so good.  I’m really enjoying writing it, but I am worried about the voice of Summer.  She’s very self-centred, so the other characters aren’t getting much of a look in yet, but I’m excited to see where this goes.

As Summer gets closer to her comrades, the more attention she pays to them.  So maybe I should just skip to the bits where they’re all working together, playing happy adventuring families?  But what fun would that be?!

*Assumes Summer voice*

Conflict is key!

*Evil grin*


*In reality I call him Ben, but in play I call him Benjamin.  He’s another of my best buds, and he’s the root of most of my current best friendships, not to mention my relationship.  Ben introduced me to my partner and her brother, and through him my relationship with Michelle blossomed as well.  The five of us make up a pretty tight-knit gang, and they’re some of my favourite people in the whole world.  I owe Ben an awful lot.

**Our major local shopping centre in Tallaght, supposedly so-called because the  citizens of Tallaght couldn’t spell ‘Pyramid’, which is the true form the Square takes.

***What I named my bike, at the suggestion of one of my best friends from college, Ana.  She’s in Finland for now and I miss her, but at least her name for my bike remains.



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