Made up for D&D


Today has been a massively FUN day.  The first one in awhile.  I mean there have been good days and day with elements of fun, but today has outshone them all.

To start off, I got to lie in, which is always much appreciated, and then I got to read in bed with my girlfriend for awhile.  What could be better than that?!  When you start the day off so well it’s hard to go too far down from there, and at no point was I disappointed.

Next -oh boy!  Next!- I got to do my makeup!  I barely ever get the time to do makeup anymore.  And I didn’t just do ordinary weekend Saoirse makeup.  I got to do a look inspired by Summer De Light, my D&D character, in honour of today’s game-play.


summer-makeup-1I’m not quite up to cosplay standards yet (soon though.  I ordered the wigs yesterday and they are magnificent) but I looked entirely like the little weirdo that is Summer.  And still do, actually!  My eyebrows are still blue; I have a large black beauty mark sitting uselessly but decoratively on my cheek and my lids have gold glitter on them.  Fabulous.

My lips are no longer black though.  I chickened out when I got home, afraid my mom and siblings* would see.  Plus, we’re eating dinner soon; the blue eyebrows will be cause enough for teasing but if I got black lip gunk** on the cutlery – well, I don’t think it would go down well.  The lips had to go***.  I might do them purple again before I go to Cat’s though, just in case the D&D continues!  I enjoy looking like my character as we play.  I think it makes me braver.

We had a really good role-play-heavy/combat-light game earlier in which we did some fierce negotiating and completed an entire mission****.  Although Matt***** and I (Matt really; it was just sort of my fault) did accidentally-on-purpose kill a member of the militia in the process.

All in a day’s work in the D&D universe.


*I have two siblings: Dylan (23) and Abby (19 in a matter of days).  They and my mom think my participation in D&D is highly amusing and something which must be mocked at any given opportunity.  At least, that’s the way it was in the past; they haven’t been so bad this time around.  But they aren’t too keen on my bizarre makeup usage either.  I guess they’re just normies.

**Lies.  It was actually just black eyeliner.  I don’t have black lipstick.  I’ve ordered some though!

***My brother and sister didn’t even make eye-contact with me at dinner, so they didn’t see my makeupped face, and Mom just didn’t acknowledge it.  Phew!

****Not so much a mission.  More a side-plot.  But I was still mighty proud to have gotten it done so quickly.

*****My partner’s brother and one of my very best friends.  I know him better than I know my own brother, and I’m hoping someday I’ll be able to refer to him as my brother-in-law.


One thought on “Made up for D&D

  1. Saoirse…I have still been unsuccessful with Twitter, but I finally was able to get back to your blogs via wordpress…so that is exciting! Just spent the last half hour getting caught up to speed! I think the one thing of beauty with my age is I have learned that my failures are always as valuable as my successes. Keep the old man’s theory in mind the next time things APPEAR to be overwhelming. Look adversity in the eye and have a good laugh!

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