My tiredness level is mysteriously high.  Although, today’s been a pretty good day in terms of productivity, so maybe that has something to do with it.  I had a bit of a late start, which I think is reasonable for a Saturday, but I’ve been working since lunch, more or less.

Today, character profiles.

I’m still really trying to nail them down, these Blue characters, but I’m finding them inexplicably difficult and uncooperative.  I never had this much trouble with Bex or Cole or Nick or Amber*.  Or even Krystal**!  So I’m getting a tad worried that maybe this project is never going to get anywhere.  If I can’t figure out the characters then what chance does Blue really have?  The characters are the most important bit, and usually the part that I’m best at.  So I’m stumped.


I’m itching to get back to Souterrain*** but I know I’ll never be able to do it justice if I attempt it while I’m in college, which is why I was thrilled to have Blue as a practise run and something to keep me happy during my frustrating college days.

But what if I can’t get through it?  What if I waste the next year and a half on this and then realise that I should have been chipping away at Souterrain?  I want to have a novel to show for myself by the time I graduate, even if it’s one that will never make the shelves.

So, with that in mind, I guess I gotta carry on with Blue;  Souterrain doesn’t have a hope of being finished this side of two years.

Maybe the issue is that I’m just looking at the characters within the confines of their context.  Maybe I should try setting them free from the Blue plot for awhile and see if they blossom in a way that makes more sense to me.  It’s worth a try, I guess.  So.  Onto some character generation exercises.

And tomorrow, I begin work on Project Blog: the Sequel****.


*These are all characters from my most loved writing project of all time, Souterrain.  It’s a fantasy manuscript which I intend to turn into a series.  I decided to give it up for the duration of my college career because I felt as though I wasn’t be able to devote enough time to it whilst juggling my studies.  So it’s the first thing I want to get back to when I graduate.

**This was a character from another loved project, Protectors, which predates both Blue and Souterrain.  It was a fun writing experience but I have no expectations of ever seeing Protectors on shelves in Easons.  Nevertheless, I still feel as though I know the main character, Krystal, as well as I know myself.

***See (*) above.

****My partner and I have plans to begin a new blog together!  As a pair!  I’ll be writing the content and she’ll be story-boarding/illustrating.  More on this to come, although we have set ourselves a preliminary date of Friday the 10th as our first deadline, so I should be able to report more in the very near future. Exciting!


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