Okay, so Zumba didn’t happen today.  Which means that this week I have been to the gym a grand total of ZERO times.  Not good.

But I have high hopes for tomorrow.  Plus next week Michelle and I will be prioritising Zumba above D&D… which will be hard for me emotionally but is probably the right thing to do, objectively.

And you know what, at least I’ve been cycling.  So that’s some daily exercise right there, usually around 40 minutes or so every day.  Although in all honesty, the weather has been so bad lately that lifts and buses have also come into play.  (Today I tried cycling home from college but could only make it as far as Cat’s house through the wind’s violent temperament.)

But like I said in my last post: baby steps.

I’m starting to think I should timetable out my days for maximum productivity.  I’ve already marked up* my calendar with some project deadlines (my protagonist must be profiled to completion by Tuesday) so now it’s just a matter of carving out the hours.

And, true, I am finding the balance a little tough to manage at the moment, and I’ve definitely gotta do something about Wednesdays**, but so far I’m still on track to complete at least half of my quarterly goals***, which is all I’m supposed to be aiming for anyway.

And admittedly I am scared of some of them (that first chapter.  A male voice.  Eek!) but I still have full confidence in my ability to get through it with success.

This semester, I’m doing it right.  It’s all about priorities.


*’To mark up’ is a term used in the film/television industry (see, I really do go to college and I actually learn stuff!) and, to simplify, it refers to additional notes that are added to a script.

**In summary, Wednesdays are CRAY.  I will get nothing done on Wednesdays, that is for certain.  Seriously.

***If you need a memory refresher, see my #Goals blog or check out one of Jenna Moreci‘s vids on her goal system.  You may find it nothing short of life-saving.  Well, maybe a little short of that.  But it’s good, trust me.



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