The lost blog


I missed my rant-writing yesterday!

And my blog.  For the first time since I started this resolution*.

I know I have the excuse that my computer is busted, but I still should have done the ranting at least!  I guess I just sort of wanted a day off.

Lately I’ve been more productive that I have been in ages –since the summer, I think– which is great.  But.  I still haven’t watched the new episodes of Gilmore Girls.  How is it possible that I had over a month away from college for Christmas and I still didn’t have time for the one luxury that I’d been saving for myself?  Will I be on my deathbed before I get to watch Lorelai’s rekindled relationship with Luke?  Or Rory’s career-driven life of singledom?  I hope not.

I have the day off college tomorrow, so that’s the perfect opportunity to get some stuff done for myself but, oh wait, I volunteered to present an hour-long music show for ITTfm**.  Now why did I do that?

Guilt, probably.  That seems like the usual motivation for a lot of my actions.

Either way, whatever the reason, for one hour tomorrow the radio airwaves are MINE.  I’d better make it count.  It’s just an hour show and it will be 97% music, but the other 3% is up to me.

I’m hoping I can somehow weave it into a mental health show.  So I still have to bang out a script tonight and put together the music, with spare songs, just in case.  Not to mention setting up my new baby computer.  I’m hoping it will get me through this semester with the help of some nice writing apps and the comforting bosom of Netflix.


*Whenever I mess up with a resolution or a diet or anything that requires consistent behaviour over an extended period of time, I usually fall off the wagon altogether and just decide that I’ve failed and it’s too late and I’ll never be a decent human being again.  Not this time though.  I’ve decided to let myself off the hook when I fall short, because I’m only human.  Sometimes I can’t do everything I plan to do, and I’m starting to see that that’s okay.  I can make up for it and I can get back on the horse, or wagon or whatever other metaphor suits your preference, and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

**My college’s radio station, run by the students who make up the Radio Society.  I study a module in Radio Production so it’s really interesting to be a part of a live broadcast.  Unfortunately we only get to broadcast live every so often throughout the year, but this week is Radio Week so the station will be running from Monday to Friday with tonnes of interesting content, all at the hands of my college colleagues.  So proud!


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