On my toblerown


So today I presented my first solo radio show, broadcast live on ITTfm.  On my day off.  And it was terrible.  So that’s one regret for my deathbed!

I thought I would have been good at it.  Historically I’ve done pretty well when it comes to the radio but today I was stiff and unfunny.

I think it’s because I was scripted.  I’m not brave enough to try unscripted because I fear I’ll forget how to speak English, or any other intelligible language for that matter.

Or maybe it’s because I was solo; on my toblerown.  There was no one to play off of or shift the blame onto when things went wrong.  But hey, they didn’t seem to hate my show so much – although it probably helps that the listernership is very very low.

It crossed my mind in the past that I might want to be a radio presenter when I grow up (if ever), but I’m just not sure that I’m cut out for it.  I’d have to try a few shows, unscripted, and see how I do before I go and alter my already-foggy career-path.

Maybe I should start a podcast, just as practise?

But wait, let’s be real; I know nothing about podcasts.

I don’t even know where you find them in Internet Land.  And what do they even talk about?  I’m sure I’m neither entertaining nor educational enough to man my own podcast/show/thingymabob, but it would sure be wild to try!

…Just so that when I graduate I might feel like I have at least one potential career-option that isn’t starving artist!



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