Tutorial: how to embed a Twitter timeline in your blog

Today’s blog, I’m pleased to report, is slightly different!  I’m doing my first ever request, which comes from Angela B. Denton, a fellow writer/blogger on the interweb land.

At the moment I’m revamping my site a tad, and I recently managed to add a Twitter timeline to the sidebar (??? I haven’t exactly got the terminology down yet) of my blog.  This was quite a feat for my technophobic self, and evidently Angela felt the same way, so she suggested that I blog about the process.

DISCLAIMER: these instructions are for WordPress users specifically, because I learned how to do it by watching a WordPress tutorial, so I’m not sure how helpful they will be for bloggers who use other platforms.

But I’ve done a little investigation and, fortunately, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials for learning how to add a Twitter timeline with Blogger.  So for the Blogspot users I recommend checking out some of those vids if these steps aren’t applicable to the Blogger interface.

With that said, let’s get started.

  1. Go to your site page. For me, it looks like this:


2. Click on ‘customise’ in the bottom right corner.


3. Click on ‘widget’s.


4. Click into ‘Sidebar’.


5. ‘Add a widget’.


6. Search for ‘Twitter timeline’ and select. Click to expand the Twitter settings if necessary.


7. Add your Twitter username to the box marked ‘Twitter Username: (?)’ (Go figure). Include the @ symbol in your username.


8. From there, the customisation is entirely up to you! You can choose how many Tweets you want to display (up to 20), whether you want a light or dark background for your Twitter feed, your header, etc.  Just be you!

9. Click ‘Save & Publish’ and then you’re good to go.


And that’s it!

So thank you very much to Angela for her request (you can follow her on Twitter or check out her site if you want to see some of her work), and I encourage other readers to keep the feedback coming!  Critiques, requests, suggestions, all welcome in the comments section below.

Until next time, hope everyone out there is having a great day.  Keep on smiling!



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