Today, I’m feeling optimistic.  Which is more surprising than the casual onlooker might think, but it’s true.  My ways are not generally that of the optimist.

Tomorrow is my first real day back in college, with classes and assignments and everything, and I’m not feeling my usual dread.  My timetable is good; my classes are good; my friends are good.  Everything, so far, is good.  I’m certain it can’t last for very long but I’m going to ride this ‘good’ wave until it is completely spent.

This term, in order to survive, I’m hoping to make great use of goals.

I’m currently employing the Jenna Morcei* method of goal-managing** and I’m breaking that down even further into daily goals, and so far, so good.  I’m blogging, I’m Tweeting, I’m dipping my toes back into the fitness and writing ponds; I’m achieving.  Which is a lot more than I can usually say for myself***.

I even have big plans for upcoming projects, so I just have to keep on track with small manageable goals which, upon accumulation, amount to bigger goals, and before I know it I’ll be an expert achiever!

And speaking of bigger goals, how’s this for one: I want Blue to be written, edited and ready for publication by the time I graduate.  Which means I want to have around 25,000 words written by the end of this academic year.  Can I do it??

I dunno.  Let’s find out.


*Jenna Moreci is a very talented writer/YouTuber/blogger who works independently, self-publishing her novels, managing all her social media accounts, marketing her books, etc.  She does everything; she’s a one-woman production company and it is incredible to watch.

goals**Jenna’s method of managing her productivity is to set herself a list of ten to twenty important goals for each quarter of the year, and her aim is to accomplish at least half of these during the three-month period.

I started using her method two quarters ago and I was successful during the July-August-September period but I failed the October-November-December period.  I have high hopes for the January-February-March quarter!

***Maybe that’s not fair, but I definitely feel as though I’m not living up to my potential as much as I could be.  It’s a sore spot with me that most of my friends who are my age and younger have all graduated already, while I’m still constantly battling with the urge to drop out.  But then again, I guess staying in the game is, in itself, an achievement.


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