Borrowed time


So today is my first day back to college, and guess where I am?!  NOT in college.

Turns out today is the first day that the term commences, but nevertheless (“nevertheless”, who thinks words like that?  Am I a librarian or something?!), my classes don’t really seem to kick in properly until midweek, and in some cases not until next week.

So I’m free for another 1.5 days (seriously?  Am I a mathematician or something?).  I can read!  I can write!  I can blog, I can plan, I can outline, I can go to the gym.  I have another 36ish hours before college can even begin to try to steal my soul once more.  I’m living on borrowed time, but it feels damn good.

I just had a go of deciphering my code-like riddle of a timetable and I’m thinking now that it should be… manageable.  I have three days of intensive classes per week but there are two days which are fairly under my own control.  I mean, sure, I’ll have to schedule in some meetings with my supervisor (“my supervisor”, my gawd.  This is getting very mature very quickly), but beyond that I can do as I please.

I’m sure I’ll probably fall into the trap of leaving my thesis until fairly last-minute, but hopefully I can be sensible enough to not let that happen.  Seems unlikely given my history but I LOVE my thesis topic*; maybe that will be enough to make it okay.  Maybe I’ll be shockingly enthusiastic and have it all done on time.  Maybe I’ll have it finished early!

Hah, I hardly even got to finish that thought before realising the full extent of the unlikeliness of it.  Oh well.  I’ve come to accept that this is just the way I am**.

Regardless of what happens with my thesis and my impending procrastinator’s doom, at least I can take comfort in the fact that I SHOULD have the freedom to write this semester, and if I don’t, it’s my own damn fault.


*For my thesis topic I chose to examine the love lives of Disney Princesses.  Disney’s relationship ideals; prepare to be challenged!

**On that note, Douglas Adams just gets me.˅˅˅



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