On the bright side…


Welp.  Today’s been a day of headaches, joint pains and dog poop on my hand (highly unpleasant, thank you very much, Misty!) but still I’m having a surprisingly good day.  I feel like things have been put into perspective rather harshly over the last little while, so I can sit back and be grateful for a lot of things.

I have health and shelter; I’m fed and clothed; I don’t loath my president, Mr Michael D. Higgins; my family are not currently going through any feuds and, very importantly, if not most importantly, I have Catherine, the one person whose presence in my life makes me feel as though I can get through anything.  Better still, her talents have been recognised once again!

She’s being screened* at Dingle AND she’s up for an award!  How did I wind up with someone like her?!  She’s such a powerhouse and I’m still trying to scrape and claw my way through college.  If I could have a tenth of her success when I finally break free from academia, then I shall be very pleased indeed.

She’s probably the only reason I’m still in it, to be honest.  The urge to quit is strong but I don’t want her to have to support me.  I want to pull my own weight, vast as it may be.  It’s what keeps me going.

I’d do well to remember that, come Monday.


*Catherine is an animator whose student film Bán has already been screened all over the place and is becoming more well-traveled than both of us!  The gal’s overflowing with talent.  (It’s rather greedy, really, don’t ya think?!)


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