Final deadline of semester 5


So I can finally breathe again!  Guilt-free and no deadlines!  And now my proposal for my thesis is submitted and out of my hands.

I never pictured myself getting this far.  In fact, I guess I still don’t quite picture myself getting any further.  Graduation seems like a fairy-tale, happily-ever-after, faraway day that I don’t really expect to ever come around.  Not now that I’m on the college-treadmill, plodding along, growing wearier and wearier and not really getting anywhere.  Or so it would seem.

Submitting a thesis proposal seems so grown-up!  Perhaps even more grown-up than submitting a thesis.  Guess there’s just something about the word ‘proposal’ that I like (not to lay it on too thick or anything).  Anyway, I suppose the fact that my thesis proposal centres around Disney princesses and their love lives will probably keep me grounded in the reality that, no matter how grown-up this may seem, I’m still a child just trying to pass myself off as a college-going adult.

I’ve never kept the act up for this long before.  Semester 6.  Can you believe it?!

Someone in admin really needs to be fired for half-assing their job and letting me sneak my way into third year.


3 thoughts on “Final deadline of semester 5

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