D&D Day


It’s D&D* day today!  It’s finally here!  And in a strange topsy-turvy turn of events, I’m going to be the most experienced player at the table tonight!  I’m the pretend sit-in expert.

Unfortunately, I’m probably also the most likely one to die tragically and in an untimely manner just because of my brotherly/sisterly, love/hate thing that I’ve got going on with the DM**.  (I’m the sister, btw.)  But hey, it’s all part of the fun.  If I die, I’ll just create another kick-ass character for the next time.

Although sadly my imagination is quite lacking in that department just because I love my little Halfling so much.  She’s basically entirely modelled from Zhyria, my former D&D character (and one of the few characters I played who wasn’t a stripper) except for the fact that this character, Summer De Light, is a drag queen.

I love the irony of her name.  She is not going to be delightful in any way, shape or form.  I’m seeing more of an entirely dark-sided Bianca Del Rio type; except not as funny because I do not have those kinds of skills!

The makeup will be fabulous though.

*Dungeons & Dragons.  An RPG***.  I played before; then I stopped.  Now I’m starting again with a different group entirely composed of myself and first-timers.  In the next few days I’ll post a link with more information for anyone who’s interested, but be warned: this is just the tip of the ice-berg.

**Dungeon Master.  The dude who runs the game.  He gives us our set-up, plot, obstacles, direction and also tries to kill us at every available opportunity.  Curse you, Dungeon Master!!

***Role-playing game.

****Summer De Light character design, courtesy of the talented Catherine O’Brien.


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