Go Go Go!


I am an introvert who is somehow living the life of an extrovert. And I can’t say that I care for it!

It’s been so ‘GO GO GO’ lately and I am socially EXHAUSTED. I don’t know how I can carry on like this. I just have to make it until Sunday and then I still have a whole week off to just look after myself before going back to college. Sure, I’ve already accidentally scheduled one movie night and one lunch, but the rest of the time belongs to me and Catherine*, and no one else shall infiltrate the week! I declare it! I declare it with every intention of it being true.

There’s so much I want to do that I just haven’t had the time for. I want to write, most importantly, but I also want to watch the latest Gilmore Girls episodes which I’ve been waiting for since NOVEMBER! I want to see Lion; I want to see Passengers; I want to see that Jennifer Aniston one with the Christmas staff party – is that even still in cinemas? I want to see Moana – kinda.

I just want to have some chill time before I go back to the hell that is college. I want some time to de-fog my brain. And yet, now I am off to cocktails with the gals. WILL IT NEVER END?!

blog*My partner, and one of the only people whose company does not require any social energies on my part.  Being with her is just like being on my own, except better.  No need to try; I can just be.


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