Already I have very mixed feelings about today.

It started off well, with an early start and a gym trip, and I was thinking I might have another day like yesterday in terms of productivity.  But now I am growing doubtful.  I’m already taking a downturn.  Mum has already made a perfectly inoffensive and harmless comment which has, nevertheless, upset my sensitive little soul, and I’m thinking a lot about death.

Another funeral to go to on Thursday, and this time it’s Jim’s*.

It seems like all the funerals lately have been untimely, and I’m getting sick of experiencing the same set of unpleasant emotions over and over again.  I wonder how many funerals the average 25-year old has attended.  Somehow I’d say I’m over the average and funerals are NOT the department that I want to excel in.  They used to be far and few between but in the last three years or so there’s been a lot of death that I wasn’t expecting.  Admittedly there were some deaths that weren’t too surprising but there have been a lot of tragic ones too.  Funerals are consuming a lot of my thoughts, far too frequently.  It’s a lot to comprehend.

But hey.  It’s only noon.  Maybe the day will pick up from here.


*Jim O’Reilly.  A kind, friendly and good-humoured man who I knew as the caretaker of my school.  His constant smile and cheer was the bright spark in every school morning for hundreds of students and staff over the years.  He will be missed greatly and words cannot do him justice.  R.I.P. Jim. ❤


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