Perfectionism=the death of creativity

So it seems that I fluctuate wildly between trying too hard and not trying at all – mostly in relation to my writing and my blog, but hey, who knows?  Maybe in the rest of my life also.

I slave over composing the perfect blog.  I draft; I redraft; I edit; I compose images to go with the text; I edit again; I format; I publish; I Tweet; I agonise over how well it’s been received or how many people have seen it…

And then NOTHING.  You expect me to go through all that again?  So soon?!  Hah!

And then radio silence for many weeks, as with my blog at this very moment.

I know –logically, in my brain, I know– that perfectionism is the death of creativity.  I know I’m supposed to just bang out material even when I don’t feel like I can do it or it won’t be up to standard.  BUT.  Nevertheless.  I just always quit.  I quit before I even try.

If I carry on like this I’ll never make it as a writer.  So things have to change.  My blog is getting an overhaul.  I think.  I’ll Google ‘overhaul’ later*.

I have to get over my perfectionisty ways and my literary stage-fright.  So now, the format of my blog is changing.  From now on no more polished, time-consuming pieces; they don’t develop my skills at the speed that I’m looking for.  I want fast pieces and fast learning.

From now on Confessions of a College Dropout is the real and raw deal; the unedited, unpolished, unfiltered me.

Rant-writing.  Me.  A Zoella notebook.  A stopwatch.  5-10 minutes.  My train (wreck) of thought.  Everyday.

Big changes come from small changes, so let’s see what I can do with this small change.**


*Googled.  Word was used correctly!  Success!  (…I’m a writer, I swear!  I just don’t overhaul things very often.)

**Disclaimer: one sentence of this blog was edited VERY SLIGHTLY.  Baby steps.


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