Greetings, Earthlings!

Welcome all to Confessions of a College Dropout, with me, the college dropout.

When this site was first conceived several months ago, my objections were threefold:

  1.  To tone up my weakened writer’s muscle and also, importantly, to get over my literary stage fright.
  2. To use this platform to discuss mental health issues and their treatment in society.
  3. To share my experiences with depression and anxiety and what I’ve learned from them, in the hopes that it will be helpful to someone, somewhere, sometime.

Now, the objectives remain the same but the execution has changed.

I’m no longer a sporadic whenever-I-get-the-chance-i.e.-rarely blogger.  Now I blog daily with totally imperfect short pieces about everyday life.  Rant-writing.

Me+pen+paper+5/10 mins+stopwatch= 1 blog post.  It’s as simple as that.

While I am very proud of my early blogs, they don’t capture the raw truth of my mental health experience in the same way as these ‘thought-dumping’ entries… and they don’t challenge my productivity and stage-fright to the same degree either!

So please, go no further if you’re looking for polished perfect work.  I suggest reading some J.K. Rowling for the likes of that.  But if you’re interested in following along as I try to scrape and claw my way through college, anxiety, social struggles and career path crises, then you’ve clicked to the right place.

And now, let the fun begin.